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10 February 2016
Researchers have provided new evidence that developing asthma can be linked to pregnant women and infants being exposed to paracetamol; by testing that the association was not simply due to the ...
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TheSynapse Interviews Modern Management of HIV
Interview with Dr Tonio Piscopo ... Read More

TheSynapse is pleased to announce the launch of another video in the eLearning Series.


TheSynapse Interviews Investigations and Management of Erectile Dysfunction
Interview with Mr Andrew Mercieca ... Read More
TheSynapse Interviews The Role of the Sports and Exercise Medicine Specialist
TheSynapse Interviews Diabetes - the role of various classes of medications
TheSynapse Interviews Asthma and COPD - Diagnosis and Management Update
TheSynapse Interviews Chronic Facial Pain
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Avatar Clinicians? Try Jazz for Christma…

29-01-2016 Hits:92 Contributions Ian  Ellul - avatar Ian Ellul

Ian Ellul - Jazz is defined as a genre of music which originated during the late 19th and early 20th century. However in our case, the term Jazz is referring to a remote presence system...

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War's shocking events can cause dissoci…

13-01-2016 Hits:474 Contributions francesco  carelli - avatar francesco carelli

War's  shocking events can cause dissociative amnesia

by Francesco Carelli, University of Milan, Rome Tate Modern in London managed  an exhibition named  " Conflict, Time, Photography "  bringing  together photographers who have looked back at moments of conflict,...

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The Cholesterol Controversy – The Series

05-01-2016 Hits:270 Contributions Albert  Cilia Vincenti - avatar Albert Cilia Vincenti

Albert Cilia-Vincenti  - Simultaneous with reorientation of nutritional conventional wisdom away from fat as a dietary evil and increased acceptance that refined carbohydrate is the real culprit for atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes...

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The pharmacist’s Jekyll and Hyde behavio…

03-01-2016 Hits:269 Contributions Charles  Micallef - avatar Charles Micallef

Charles Micallef  - Introduction: the birth of a professional association based on idealism

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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

30-12-2015 Hits:248 Contributions TheSynapse - avatar TheSynapse

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Michael Spiteri By their very nature, mass casualty events are difficult to predict; therefore the nature, location and time of incidents, as well as their impacts are almost unclear...

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