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26 March 2015
Having a strong sense that your life has meaning and direction may make you less likely to develop areas of brain damage caused by blockages in blood flow as you age. This research is reported in the ...
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Rembrandt’s late works: Contemplation, i…

26-03-2015 Hits:11 Contributions francesco  carelli - avatar francesco carelli

Rembrandt’s late works: Contemplation, introspection,  inner conflicts

Francesco Carelli University Milan , Rome From the youth, Rembrandt van Rijn defied fashionable trends to create powerful works of great individuality.  Yet in many ways it is his late...

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Matisse. An attack of appendicitis chan…

26-03-2015 Hits:18 Contributions francesco  carelli - avatar francesco carelli

Matisse. An  attack of appendicitis changed a possible lawyer in an extraordinary painter

 At the Scuderie del Quirinale - Rome5 March to 21 June 2015by Prof, Francesco Carelli, Milan,. Rome, Cluj-Napoca, LondonHenri Matisse told  critic Gaston Diehl in a letter dated 1947 that...

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‘We have not lost faith, but we have tra…

12-03-2015 Hits:171 Contributions Victor  Grech - avatar Victor Grech

Victor Grech, Clare Vassallo, Ivan Callus

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Epigenetic-based treatment as a potentia…

12-03-2015 Hits:94 Contributions TheSynapse - avatar TheSynapse

Friedreich’s ataxia (FRDA) is an autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder. It is the most common inherited ataxia in Europe. The neurodegeneration is progressive and normally, within 15-20 years, the patient becomes...

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pH-Impedance testing in Gastro-oesophage…

12-03-2015 Hits:90 Contributions Mario  Stellini - avatar Mario Stellini

Mario Stellini

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