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First results from the world’s oldest group of ICSI men show they have lower semen quantity and quality

icsiFirst results from the world’s oldest group of young men conceived by means of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) fertility treatment because of their fathers’ infertility have shown that they have lower sperm quantity and quality than men who were spontaneously conceived.
The study, which is published in Human Reproduction, one of the world’s leading reproductive medicine journals, has found that these men, who were aged between 18 to 22, had almost half the sperm concentration and a two-fold lower total sperm count [1] and total count of motile sperm (sperm that could swim well) than did naturally conceived men of a similar age.

Cardiac surgery in Malta: past, present and future

Alexander Manché - Abstract - In 1918 neurosurgeon Sir Charles Ballance removed a bullet from the heart of a soldier based in Malta. After WWII cardiac surgeon Mr Lance Bromley and cardiologist Dr Edwin Besterman treated Maltese patients in St Mary’s Hospital, London. A visiting consultant service in 1983 was followed by a permanent resident program in 1995, providing a comprehensive adult cardiothoracic service. The future of cardiac surgery depends on evolving technologies and surgeons who are innovators.


Antibiotics May Be Inappropriate for Uncomplicated Diverticulitis

diverticulitisAntibiotics are advised in most guidelines on diverticulitis, which arises when one or more small pouches in the digestive tract become inflamed or infected. Results from a randomized trial question the effectiveness of this practice, however.



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