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Escher: the Self and inner mental structures

Francesco Carelli - University of Milan, Rome  

Esceri.jpgEscher is the 'Pop' Dutch genius whose visions have captured the imagination of designers and the minds of  scientists, exerting a lasting influencing on many other artists. He was  engraver, intellectual  and mathematician whose visionary works have shaped the collective imagination.

Two Hundered works by the artist are  on display in the halls of the  Palazzo Reale, in Milan, Escher's masterpieces, paintings  in addition to scientific experiments, games and educational resources  that help visitors of all ages to understand baffling creations, impossible perspectives and apparently irreconcilable universes that come together to form a unique artistic dimension.

Show your fingers to a neuroscientist

By comparing your index and ring fingers, a neuroscientist can tell if you are likely to be anxious, or if you are likely to be a good athlete.

finger lengthIt is well-known that adults whose index finger is shorter than their ring finger were exposed to greater amounts of testosterone when they were in the womb.
Both women and men with this characteristic are — on average — better equipped to solve mentally demanding 3D rotation tasks as adults. As a group, they also have better physical and athletic abilities, but are more prone to having ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome.

Painting with Light: The tug-of-war between painting and photography

Experimenting with interiority, subjectivity, ideas of perception

by Francesco Carelli, University Milan, Rome

carelliTate Britain uncovers the dynamic dialogue between British painters and photographers; from the birth of the modern medium to the blossoming of art photography. Spanning over 70 years, this exhibition brings together nearly 200 works – many for the first time – to reveal their mutual influences. From the first explorations of movement and illumination by David Octavius Hill (1802-70) and Robert Adamson (1821-48) to artful    compositions at the turn-of-the-century, the show discovers how painters and photographers redefined notions of beauty and art itself.



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